Construction Surveying Inspection

Construction Surveying & Inspection

We already work closely with surveyors, builders, architects and insurance companies.

Using our rigorous risk assessment policy we can offer low risk, high level inspection for areas otherwise impossible to access without costly, high risk and time consuming traditional methods.

The Flyover founders have a long building trade and renovation experience, meaning we understand the needs and methods of renovation, repair and modern building techniques. This gives us the understanding to capture the detail needed to move your project forwards.

Having technical images, 3D maps and time lapse videos available regularly helps surveyors and contractors we work with to improve speed and accuracy, moving the project forwards and ultimately saving time and money. Amazing drone Imaging, 3d mapping and time-lapse are also excellent marketing media to tell potential new clients a visual story of what you can provide for them.

Using our Matterport Pro 2 Camera we can provide internal 3d mapping giving a faithful representation of a physical asset. This is great tool for virtual visits by Investors, Architects and Surveyors. All scans are measurable to within 1% of the physical. See our 3D tours tab to view one of our live scans in action. See our 3D mapping service tile for more info.

Contact us to discuss how we can streamline your projects.

Construction Surveying Inspection Image
Construction Surveying Inspection Image
Construction Surveying Inspection Image
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